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Awareness of how Feng Shui and Bazi influences the results or outcome can help us thrive and get closer to our goals in life.

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Sample Career Profile Report

This is a very comprehensive career development tool to help you make better career decision through examining how your personality shapes your behavior at work and how it could affect your overall work performance. In addition to understanding yourself, it provide you the options and information available to help your optimize your career options which…Read More >>

Harnessing Positive Qi To Generate Positive Results

Feng Shui is the analysis of the effect of cosmic energies or Qi in our environment that brings about an influence on people’s behaviour and actions. While getting a good Feng Shui place is important, can this however, help in changing our life destiny? Yes, to some extent as positive action begets positive outcome in…Read More >>

Create The Roadmap To Success With Your Bazi

Have we ever reached some crossroads in life and find it difficult to make a decision? Life is always full of different options and the outcome of things is dependant on our decisions and actions. A BaZi Consultation is to help us understand our life journey, our strengths and weaknesses and learn the corrective actions…Read More >>


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