Linda has been providing professional
consultancy and training in Chinese
Metaphysics. She holds a strong belief in
helping people to understand the basic
principles and application of this ancient knowledge, in which she shares her passion
via talks and seminars.


The purpose of this story is to share with all other parents that parenting is not a difficult task if you understand the correct disciplining style and approach that would suit your child’s character...


Feng Shui is the analysis of the effect of cosmic energies in our environment that brings about an influence on people’s behaviour and actions. While getting a good Feng Shui place is important, can this however, help in changing our life destiny?


Did you know that everyone is born with different abilities, talents and potential in life? This is what made all of us unique and individual.


Establishing a career is a long term process for everyone. While some people seem to have a smoother path, others may find it harder to land themselves in the right place.


Many successful companies usually have a group or team of capable and reliable employees whom they count on for their achievements. How true is that?




Finding the right property either for investment or to live in is very important. Therefore, the selection process is critical and it is strongly recommended that owners have a feng shui audit done prior to the commitment of the purchase...


Have we ever reached some crossroads in life and find it difficult to make a decision? A BaZi Destiny Analysis helps us understand our life journey, our strengths and weaknesses and learn the corrective actions to take and the right decisions to make at different times. This will have an indirect influence on the consequence of events and therefore, shape our destiny...


:: Feng Shui Homestudy Program

:: Classical Feng Shui Course for Beginners - New Class on 21 May 2011, Saturday. Open for registration now on first come first serve basis!

:: Bazi Introductory Course for Beginners - Read about course details here.

Strictly for Feng Shui Enthusiasts Only!

Learn How to Assess the Feng Shui of Your House To Enhance RELATIONSHIPS.

Find out about this knowledge that will benefit you over a lifetime. Get A FREE COPY!

“After going through the Feng Shui course, I applied the ba zhai theory for my office and move my desk to the favourable direction and since then my business is moving in slowly. I had passed and highly recommend all my clients and friends to take up the online Feng shui course that Linda has launched and apply it.

It really works for everyone. Great job Linda!”

Betty Goh
Managing Director
Asia Point Pte Ltd


"Thank you for your advise during the Bazi consultation last year when I was considering a change in my career.

Fortunately, I did not resign from the public sector as not long after I made my decision to stay put, the economy suffer a downturn. I had a new posting this year and everything is fine now. In addition, I also received a promotion!"

Mary Ng, Admin Manager


"Linda has been very professional in conducting her Bazi and Feng Shui consultation for my family and my business. Her advice were sound and logical, but most importantly very practical. Upon following Linda’s advice, I can see great improvements start taking place in business, family and our overall being. Thank you for everything, and I have no reservations to recommend Linda to anyone that requires her professional advice."

Alvin Tan, Executive Director
Xirlynx Innovations

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